Ever wondered what GK3 could have looked like with today's technology, ever wondered how the experience of playing this great game would be like if you had a chance to replay it with fancy graphics?

Now may be your chance. That's what this project is all about, giving GK3 brand new textures and lightmaps; true to the original but at least twice as much detail as before.

But we can't do it without you. Upgrading GK3 to today's standards is a monumental task, thousands of textures that need to be redone. From the brick tiles in Rennes-le-Château to the fangs of Asmodeus, this is obviously not a one-man job.

If you're a talented artist and would like to participate to this project, let me know.

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Improve every single texture you can see in timeblock 1, from jean's pants to the basrelief in the church altar.
This is done by either repainting the texture from scratch, improving the original or painting on top of the original.
All textures should be at least twice the original size to enhance detail dramatically.

Upgrading (recalculating) the light and shadowmap (automatic feature in the G-Engine Viewer Tool.)

Keeping the goal in mind: Feeling like you were offered the chance to relive gk3 completely
(without feeling alienated from the original) and get immersed even more.

The first part of this project would totally be focussed on all locations and characters featuring in
Timeblock 1 (Day 1, 10am-12pm), as a test to see if it's worth the effort.

The updated game should also be played in a resolution of at least 1280x1024 to actually take profit of the
reskinning. Higher resolutions than the standard maxium 1024x768 are already possible, but errors show up
with sidney, the driving interface and the fingerprint kit. Hopefully those obstacles can be overcome too.

Upon completion, the 'upgrade' will be turned into a free downloadable patch (for owners of GK3).
The patch will only take benefit for people with a good 3D Card (there's always a tradeoff) and enough
RAM memory, the hardware mode of the game will not be taken into consideration.
System Specs are still up to be defined.

From Start to Finish:

Emilio as an example of reskinning a character true to the original.


To your left, 4 new screenshots of the retextured 'Room 25 - Gabriel's Room & Bathroom' and the 'Upstairs Hallway'.


Screen 1: All new and dramatically improved windowbackdrop and enhanced character outfits.

Screen 2: Highly detailed lightmap, giving the lobby extra dimension

Screen 3: Watch the paintings up close as sharp as from a distance, read Emilio's newspaper.

Screen 4: Taste the candy, Smell the flowers, feel the texture of the tablecloth.

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